DK Graphic Solutions, Inc.

Dave Kadolph is based in Chicago and has been on his own for 5 years now. He is very proficient on all the Heidelberg Prepress Equipment as well as the Screen PlateRite series.


LaserSoft Imaging

My customer feedback is that SilverFast SW by LaserSoft Imaging does a fantastic job with scanning color negatives. One of the nicer advantages over Newcolor is the "Focus Tool" which allows the User to specify where focusing takes place, allowing the borders and sprocket holes to be included in the Fine Scan. It also allows you to drive the Scanner from Snow Leopard Mac OS. That will be the last version of OS supported by Silverfast. Order it through HGS (a U.S. based company) for added savings!


Reproservice Kiel

We've been partners for nearly ten years. We share the same philosophy of going above and beyond. We tend to refurbish our machines to the extreme, being very picky about the details. We share our inventory of parts and machines to help better serve our customers. We collaborate on projects to refurbish spare parts and help our customers save money!